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Executive / Corporate Package

Houston Corporate & Executive Chauffeur Service

We fathom business and understand how important it is to get quality, reliable corporate transportation to grow business. Just like good transport infrastructure is crucial for a country’s progress. Trustworthy corporate transportation is required to run a smooth business process.

Exceeding your expectations is the main objective of executive car service at JayLyn, and our large fleet of vehicles in Houston will satisfy even the most demanding luxury transportation requirements!

  1. Daily Newspaper of your choice*
  2. Tea/ Coffee, just the way you like (Common breakfast is also available at your fingertips, just let us know)*
  3. Gourmet Snacks & Refreshment of your choice choice i.e Cheese, and Crackers,Indulgent, Trail Mixture, Water/ Gatorade/Soda*


  • Be productive on the go as we drive you to your destination
  • Impress your prospects/clients as you ride first class style
  • Excellent ambiance for business entertainment and sales calls

Airport Transport

JayLyn offers affordable transportation to and from the airport. There’s no need to pay daily parking fees or leave your car unprotected in an airport parking garage; JayLyn provides the convenience and service of an airport limo or chauffeur at a fraction of the cost. Reserve your ride to the airport today.

Our trained, professional drivers take the responsibility to provide you safe and reliable chauffeur service that gives you convenience drop-and-pick service at a fraction of the cost.



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