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Night Out / Party Package

On Demand Driving Service for those Special Nights.

Looking for an on-the-go way to explore the local nightlife in Houston? JayLyn’s night limo service is ready to take you outside in the middle of the night even if you want to go out for a brisk walk on the riverside.

Whether you are returning from the tough day from office or have to catch a flight at night, or looking for a ride home after a night filled with gin-soaked fun, our limousine service is always ready to serve. We provide a personal chauffeur service for people going to parties and night outs, from birthdays to Stag and Hen parties. Attendees can reserve a driver before an event and have guaranteed transportation wherever you need to go.

Our on demand services include the following:

Bottle of champagne/ Wine and Toasting Flutes

Gourmet Snacks & Refreshments of your choice i.e Cheese, and Crackers, Indulgent, Trail Mixture, Water/ Gatorade/Soda

Auxiliary input of your customized playlist

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